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If so, give me just 5 minutes of your time and I'll show you how you can get your money making website up and running TODAY!!

Every day, hundreds of people like you sit down in front of a computer – ready to build a better life, determined THIS is going to be the road to leaving the job you hate, desperate to prove to your family you're NOT just playing on Facebook and certain Internet Marketing is the answer to all your money troubles.

So what's holding you back?

  • Too much competition?

  • Making money online is too hard?

  • It's a tough economy?

My name is Kim Standerline and I'm lucky because I make an amazing living online.

The thing is though I used to be where you are right now and it took me a while to get to grips with this Internet thing, so..

Let me tell you why you should listen to what I have to say…

Back in 2002 when I first started in IM, the Internet was like the Wild West. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time. But it was really hard to get started. Everything was really difficult and software was clunky to use..

But I finally sussed it out and over the next few years as technology advanced and improved I was able to build my own sites. They weren't particularly pretty, but they did the job and I started making some serious cash..In fact I really hit the jackpot..

One of the things I learned was this...

Folks Coming Online Desperately Need to Know What To Do And How To Do It...So I started to help them out..

(Yes the Newbie Network has been going that long)..

I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I started showing other people the way around online marketing as I saw it – but when I started getting emails like this…

I really liked the content in your course. They are perfect for a newbie like myself... My favourite modules included 'Creating & Editing Sales Pages and Download Pages' (awesome tips inside) and 'Technical Side of Affiliate Marketing' (there is no way I can get lost with this step-by-step guide). Thanks for putting the course together for us. Great work Kim and looking forward to more from great courses from you!



Hi Kim.. your Newbie Network is the most comprehensive course I've seen,the step by step guide is easy, understandable, filled with great tips and gives people with no experience everything  they need to know about starting up a business! Keep up the great work!  I will be back for more.

Thanks again,


I realised I was doing something right..

I already knew it was impossible to watch over you every minute – Even I need to sleep…So I had to find the next best thing.

Something that would…

  • Be AVAILABLE to you at all times
    SHOW you how to do each step
    REMIND you what to do, when you are ready to go
    Be your GUIDE, when you need it most

So I put all my time and energy into creating something I wish I'd had when I started online…

  • ...the foundations of your online dream
  • …the missing instruction manual
  • …the last piece of the jigsaw

And here it is...


newbie networkWhat if I told you there ARE training wheels, and you could be on the road to making money online by this time tomorrow…
Whether you have a job and want to top up your income, or you want to fire your boss and make a full time living online...

When you join Newbie Network I will give you everything you need to get started and keep moving towards your dream of Making money online! I've helped hundreds of others just like you – now it’s your turn to start the online business you deserve.

Here’s a rundown of everything I’m giving you…

Module 1: Newbie Network’s Guide to Setting Up Your Online Business For Free

Finally you can start generating an income at no cost.

This important module will walk you step-by-step through 5 business models you can set up and use to start making money right away.

Business model 1 – Zero Cost Product Launches
Discover how you can quickly and easily create and launch your own products with no cash required up front. While everyone else is stuck at the starting line wondering what to do, you’ll be at the front of the pack without having to pay a single dime to get there. I'll show you how you can start your digital empire and have affiliates lining up to promote for you. (Imagine having your own dedicated sales team working just for you… With an army of affiliates promoting for you – the sky really is the limit)…

You'll also learn how to write sales pages that turn browsers into buyers. No need for expensive copywriters, because I'm going to show you how to write copy that converts.
No more guessing – with these proven methods you can grow your empire quickly.

Business model 2 – Zero Cost Freelancing

I'll show you how to generate cash on demand as a freelancer with no cash up front. Use freelance sites to quickly turn your talents into cash so you can build an income online. You'll also discover a sneaky unique way of using micro-job sites that could line your pockets with money. Learn how you can use these no cost methods to earn cash fast.

Business model 3 – Zero cost video marketing

Use these proven video marketing methods to create videos to send eager buyers to your sales pages, affiliate links or opt-in list.

Business model 4 – Zero cost list building.

I'll show you my secret list building system which adds new leads to my list on auto-pilot for free. Every guru will tell you the money is in the list, so I’ll show you how to stuff your list full of people interested in your offers.

And There’s more…

I’ll also show you how to convert your list into a full time job crushing income. With a responsive list, you can almost treat the Internet like an ATM… send an email, get paid and I’ll show you how you can do it for yourself.

Business model 5 – Zero cost affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the quickest and one of the most profitable ways to make money online. I'll show you how to find the perfect products to promote. You'll also discover a free, powerful tool you can use to make hot affiliate sites in minutes which look great on mobile, tablets and desktop computers.

Bonus – Zero cost traffic generation

Ramp up your sales with torrents of free traffic…I'll show you 16 proven traffic sucking methods guaranteed to get you results and leverage my secret keyword formula to give your sites an unfair advantage.

Module 2: Newbie Network’s Guide To Killer Copy

Once you’ve mastered your business model, it’s time to unleash the BIG GUNS!

You'll learn how to craft copy like the pros…When you can write convincing, high converting sales pages – making money is like shooting fish in a barrel. I know copywriters who charge more than $10,000 for one sales page…But by writing your own high converting copy, you’ll be saving thousands, which means your offers will be even more profitable. You could even sell your copywriting services to others for huge rewards…

Here’s what’s included in your copy writing course

Avoiding a strike out:

You'll discover how you can avoid the mistakes made by most newbies – when you follow this step-by-step system you'll never have to worry about offers that fail to get sales. I’ll show you how you can almost guarantee sales.

Pitching the perfect game:

People don’t want products – they want results. Discover how you can craft the perfect offer and how you can position your products as the perfect solution…When you can show your prospect your product will solve their problems, you'll never have to beg them to buy… they’ll be begging you to to sell to them.

Home run sales page construction:

I'll show you the right way to construct your sales pages… the way the PROs do it. You'll learn how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes made by bad writers…The results will amaze you.

Hitting a grand slam:

I hope you're ready for the big-time, when you discover the sales secrets in this section, you’ll be begging me to not to let anyone else in on them.

Home run swipe:

Every good copywriter spends years collecting the best sales pages and headlines – the ones proven to get results and huge wads of money. When they need inspiration, when they sit down to craft a sales letter, they open up their swipe file and pick from hundreds of great headlines and ideas – that really gets the sales juices flowing. I want you to get results NOW – I don’t want you to have to spend years making your own swipe file, that’s why I’m giving you a head start – I’m including a swipe file to give you the head start you need.

That’s not all…

With 5 amazing business models to choose from and an amazing guide to selling your products like crazy – you could go out and be light-years ahead of everyone else…

But there’s one more thing I want to give you…Remember when I first started, I said I was lost? I had the ideas, I had the ambition, I knew I could do it, but I didn’t know how…Well, I'm giving you the last piece you need.

Module 3: Newbie Network’s Guide to Getting Your Offers Online Fast

In this final module, I'll show you every step you’ll ever need to take to get your products, services or affiliate offers online.

I’ll tell you:

  • How to register a domain name
  • How to set up and use WordPress
  • How to set up your email marketing list
  • How to create and edit sales pages
  • How to create and edit graphics
  • How to upload your sites to the Internet
  • How to promote your offers on marketing forums
  • How to set up analytics tools to track and test your offers
  • And much much more…

I’ve made it so easy for you to get started – you could be well on your way to making money by this time tomorrow.

These easy to follow videos will not only save you countless hours of frustration trying to figure it all out for yourself – but you'll also save hundreds of dollars on freelancers too…Not only that, you COULD start freelancing and make money charging others for your new found expertise. How does that sound?

So, just to recap…

When you join Newbie Network – I’ll give you:

  • 5 proven business models you can start today for free
  • 16 proven traffic generation strategies
  • All my amazing copywriting secrets
  • A step-by-step roadmap showing you how to get all your offers online

These easy to follow step-by-step videos are there for you day and night, you can watch them over and over and come back to them any time you need a little refresher.

It’s like having a 24 hour mentor every step of the way.

How much does this world class marketing education cost?

I’m giving you the help I wish I had when I started…

To hire a freelancer to handle everything would cost thousands, a copywriter alone could cost $10,000 or more…A mentor who would guide you through everything could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month – that’s if they can find the time to teach you…

When you join Newbie Network today, you get access to:

Module 1: Newbie Network’s Guide to Setting Up Your Online Business For Free

Module 2: Newbie Network’s Guide To Killer Copy

Module 3: Newbie Network’s Guide to Getting Your Offers Online Fast


Newbie Network


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Oh, there is one more thing...

Something I nearly forgot to mention.

When you join Newbie Network today I'll also give you access to the Ultimate Marketing Graphics Collection. Use these graphics on your sales pages, lead generation pages and affiliate pages. By using these graphics, you’ll be saving time and money…

  • No wasted hours asking around to find a designer who is reliable.
  • No waiting for a graphic designer to deliver your graphics.
  • No expensive freelance costs.
  • No fiddling with Photoshop for hours trying to figure out how to make them yourself.

You'll find there are a huge amount of unannounced bonuses included in the members area as well:-)

I want YOU to start making money online right away – and I want to show you how.

I’m so confident you can do it, I’m going to put my reputation on the line…

Join Newbie Network today, follow my easy to follow step-by-step guides – take all the time you need… and if within 60 days you’re not completely ready to go out and get paid – just tell me you’re not happy and I'll refund your investment. Does that sound fair?

All you have to do now is click the button below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page – and once you’ve made your payment your membership is set up automatically.

In minutes from now, you could have taken your first steps to your own Online Success..

I look forward to helping you on your money making journey.


P.S.Jump on board right now – let’s get your marketing empire off the ground.

P.P.S. I’m not entirely sure how long I can keep the doors open to Newbie Network at this price – my friends all say I should charge $97 per month to cover my costs – get in now at $47 whilst you can… don’t forget, your investment is guaranteed.

Newbie Network

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